Ion spectroscopy

We are using photodissociation spectroscopy to record UV, Vis, and IR spectra of mass selected ions. This serves for characterization of reactive species that cannot be characterized by other methods (NMR, X-ray), because their half time is short and thus their concentration is low. Mass spectrometry detection is extremely sensitive and combination with ion spectroscopy permits characterization of such species. For the method description see: Acc. Chem. Res. 2016, 49, 223.

Mass spectrometry

The group develops and uses methods in mass spectrometry to investigate

reactions in solution
gas phase reactions
reactive intermediates
short lived intermediates in photochemical reactions



We have all standard equipment for chemical synthesis. We are interested in reaction mechanisms. Our studies often require systematic ligand modifications for metal catalysts. We also often employ isotopic labelling. Figure below shows synthesis of 18O-labelled H2O2.